Nilai Kepahlawanan, Sastra Sejarah, dan Pembelajaran Sastra


Sudibyo Sudibyo


Literary works with historical content are literary works created by writers referring to historically valuable events, namely important human events occurred in the past. The literary works also contain historical messages, such as the heroic values. Literary learning activities to appreciate historically charged literary works containing heroic stories can be used as a way to instill heroic values ​​in students. For this reason, literary learning activities are needed that are able to correctly process the heroic values ​​contained in historical literary works so that these values ​​are able to have a strong influence on the lives of students. In this learning activity, the activities were selected from those directly and indirectly related to the activities of appreciating literature. The activities are (1) reading heroic literature and discuss it (2) write or create heroic literature in the form of poetry and short stories, (3) celebrate heroic literature by reading poetry and reading short stories, and historical literature (4) dialogue about heroic films to enhance the horizon and (5) develop an attitude of respect for heroism by appreciating heroism in everyday life as a form of appreciation. Literary learning can be used as a vehicle to instill the value of heroism by making historical literature as the topic of discussion and by processing it as activities that can be an arena for internalization and externalization. The internalization process encourages to instill the values ​​into students' personalities and externalizing processes can be made through various expressions, so that students are trained to understand the values ​​in their lives.